Miwonderful(Miwa Yokoyama)

Born in Sapporo
Favorite color: Pink and rainbow color
Hobbies: Music and adventure

Miwa has been engaging in the makeup industry since she was a teenager. She started her "MakeUp Tour" in 2011; this was an activity where she travelled all over the world setting up her original makeup booth using "Smile the world with makeup" as the theme. She had makeup performances on the streets in NY, LA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai and Paris. Since 2014, she has held a completely new style makeup show called the "Miwondeful MakeUp Show: Make Smile" which fuses together makeup, music and video. Voices of surprise rose up from inside and outside the industry, because this was really new.
She has had many collaboration projects with companies, and she has worked in PR events for Hokkaido Coca-Cola, HIS, AEON Hokkaido, Matsumotokiyoshi and Prince of glasses, as well as produced content for female customers.
In addition, she has gained more and more exposure from the media in recent years, for example, she has had appearances as a regular guest every month in "Dosanko Wide," a super popular local TV program shown in the evening in Sapporo. From all over the world, not only in Japan, attention has been drawn to the magical makeup that makes people smile instinctively as if they have been touched. She is one of the hottest makeup artists today.


Tour & Show

MakeUp Tour

MakeUp Tour is an activity that can be considered to be Miwonderful's life work. She hangs up an original pink frame around the world on the street, in cafes, live houses, and other events, and then she gives people a makeup touch up with a distinct Japanese style. In addition, by performing with original sounds and her own performances, she makes all the onlookers smile involuntarily.

Make up Tour

MakeUp Tour
Japan Expo 2014
At the "15th JAPAN EXPO" which is held every year in Paris, France, she performed as an official artist of the booth "WELCOME TO SAPPORO" where Sapporo city (Hokkaido) was officially exhibiting. She applied JAPAN KAWAII makeup to visitors using makeup products made in Japan, "Make Smile x Sapporo Smile."

MakeUp Show

This is a spacial entertainment event which fuses makeup, music and video, but with a "smile" as the concept.
As a key to the "MakeUp Tour" which creates a smile through makeup, and using music, video and lighting that are completely linked to her makeup style that she has been cultivating. She announced this show, which is so distinct to traditional makeup shows, while clearly full of emotions.
By including a manipulator she has created original music and SE which suit her makeup and also she has introduced original video content that is linked to mapping and interaction.
By changing the space from open spaces such as shopping malls to live house and halls, it has become possible to embody the view of the makeup world that Miwa Yokoyama applies visually, and by utilising a form which is easy to understand, one can never be bored.

MakeUp Show

Tour & Show

Mak smil , all over the world
Play Movie

What's miwonderful

Make smile!
One of her characteristics is her unique performance. She merrily teaches make-up with music.
No matter how old you are, from little kids to older people, you will find this to be a fun and easy lesson for learning about make-up.
Surprising! Just 10 minutes make-up!
Miwonderful is very good at modifying different make-up according to each and every face.
Just by changing even "one point" of your make-up in easy steps, you can discover a great and amazing difference.
So far she has done make-up for over 10,000 people.
This hasn’t been only in Japan. In many foreign cities, she has performed make-up on the street, and also participated in music festivals. "Meet Miwonderful, making my make-up enjoyable!" Many people in the world are now waiting for her make-up.
Try her magical make-up here!
Where did Miwonderful learn her techniques in make-up?
She studied at a beautician college. Before her graduation, she was really moved by her first make-up show.
Even though she received an unofficial offer for employment, she decided to be a freelance make-up artist! In this way she took the first step into doing her own original activity.
Originally, she started to present her make-up for people in a small booth inside a used clothes shop! By continuing and developing this work she gained the chance to join in club events and large fashion events.
A meeting with art in the world...
One day she had a fateful encounter with a gallery-cafe, called "SOSOCAFE," owned by the trilingual online magazine "SHIFT," which introduces international creative culture. Due to this meeting with international art, Miwonderful discovered that she loved art!
Make-up at an outside rock festival!?
At one of a number of summer festivals in Hokkaido, the RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL, she produces the tent booth "MIWONDERLAND" every year! She helps the festival goers enjoy the festival more by giving them unique make-up. During the two days that the event takes place, she can help over 1000 people smile just by her make-up!
A make-up stall!
The name of her make-up studio is "FLY," this was inspired by her favourite personality, Yoko Ono. After a number of different kinds of experiences, she started "a make-up stall." Visitors just had to pay five dollars each time! She ran in the street with the stall almost as if she had a mobile noodle stall.
As you can see, she overcame great difficulties...!!
She then realized that she needed a cosmetic license in order to develop her work! When faced with this difficulty, she acquired a national cosmetic license so that she could perform make-up in public spaces! This passion to meet many people through make-up has helped her overcome any difficulties that she has encountered.
Why travel around the world?
She uses a huge object as her icon called the "Pink Frame." The "Make Up Tour" is one of her make-up activities in which she uses the Pink Frame.
By travelling and doing make-up, she wants to seek and discuss true cuteness, smiling faces, and beauty, by communicating with people without the wall of borders or culture!
Miwonderful as a media personality!
Miwonderful loves talking! Through both television and radio, she has talked about her make-up techniques and trips.
She is happy to do performances and to be a guest speaker at events.
Miwonderful Performance.
At Sapporo cube garden, she hosted a make-up show mixing make-up, music, and images; this was called "Miwonderful Make Up Show~Make Smile" and was produced by herself on June 25th, 2014. Her original soundtrack, images using mapping and interaction, and her performance possibly shocked the industry!?
Beginning with this show, she has made a decision to start and prepare for what she wants to do next.


"Chemical reactions that makeup causes"

We promote a client's appeal points to the greatest extent possible by using different angles such as a wonderful world fusing with Miwonderful's makeup. For instance, we are concerned with the start-up of projects from the beginning, like which location is best for an event, what the concept is, and who the targets are. We back this up with professionals from various fields such as photographers, decorators, designers and also stylists from "Miwonderful."
However, we have not only collaborated with the makeup industry, but also other companies in a range of different fields.
We hope that you enjoy the chemical reactions that makeup causes.


Event Production

We will promote the most appealing points which the Miwonderful-styled view of the world has for clients. For example, where it should be held, what the concept, and targets are, and with these points in mind we work together with professionals from the various fields of "Team Miwonderful" which includes photographers, organizers, designers, stylists, and more, who support the project.

Main Examples:
The presentation of new cosmetic products in cooperation with MAYBELLINE NEW YORK, collaborative events with LeTao, Hokkaido Coca Cola bottling, and POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage, a collaborative event with the travel agency "H.I.S"/RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL and the 50th anniversary of the founding of Megane No Prince

Official Makeup Tour

We can offer impressive makeup for both promotion and PR. Also, we can produce a decorative plan for each client, such as the makeup of promotion girls and mannequins.

Main Examples:
Makeup for Consadole Sapporo supporters, Japanese Devil Makeup(The 50th Noboribetsu Jigoku Festival), SoftBank Shop, Cherie Dolce(Circle K Sunkus), and LEVANGA HOKKAIDO.

Makeup for Kids

It is possible to select motifs from stars and hearts to original illustrations of company logos or characters to be painted on visitor’s faces or elsewhere. We can also suggest other original designs. Normally a huge crowd gathers at these kind of events, as although of course they are quite popular with kids, they are also popular for adults.

Previous events:
April : Nico Puchi Girls Collection 2013@Shibuya Hikarie for 34 selected kids selected by lottery.
August : Japanese Devil Makeup(The 50th Noboribetsu Jigoku Festival) makeup which was attended by over 1000 people during two days.
September : SAPPORO PARCO 6F KIDS 1st Anniversary FESTA where makeup was done for around 170 people over two days.
October : Megane No Prince×Miwa Yokoyama Beauty Collaboration Event where makeup was done for around 30~60 people. An additional event took place at AEON in Hassamu and Tomakomai.
November : AEON in Asahikawa, and Shinsapporo Sunpiazza
January:AEON in Moiwa


Booth Decoration:
using original ideas along with the dedication of our decorators, means that we can produce a makeup booth which is thrilling for visitors.
Original Mannequins:
we can produce original mannequins using various materials and which are based on a theme using a design plan.
Tool Design:
we can direct and create a suitable design for the event theme and the concept of products with graphic designers.

Work in Media

The example of a poster girl:
Minicure/Megane no Prince
Appearances in Media:
TV:Dosanko Wide 179(STV)
Radio:Miwonderful Report(AIR-G)
Magazine:Favorite Cosmetics(poroco)
Column:Makeup Lesson(Matsumoto Kiyoshi)
Facebook:Report trivia of makeup, Good Cosmetics, MakeUpTour, and usual activities for women in the 25~35 age bracket.
An example of collaboration:
HIS Hokkaido "Mowonderful Seoul! the trip to Seoul" Thai Airways International Public Company and Internet App, bijin-tokei.


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